Awesome Stocking Stuffer Idea: Personalized Christmas Blend Tea Samples

Upton Tea: full-size 125 gram bag and a bunch of the 15 gram samples

I’m all about the stocking stuffers right now. They are just so much fun to buy! And I also have a lot of people that I want to give little gifts that are small enough to not make it awkward if they don’t have a present for me, but nice enough to show that I’ve been thinking about them.

One of the things I’m getting EVERYONE on my list are awesome little Christmas Tea samples from Upton Tea. Pair those with one of those mesh tea strainer thingies, put in a cellophane bag with some Christmas candy, tie with a ribbon and you have a neat little present that I’m pretty sure anyone would be glad to get.
As any Russian I love tea. I do not drink coffee at all, but tea is my obsession. I drink black tea, and always treated flavored teas with a certain degree of contempt, but that was till I tried Upton’s Christmas blend! It is absolutely delicious. Very lightly flavored with all things Christmas and not obnoxious at all (as flavored teas tend to be, alas).

Upton Tea: every single packet is personalized

The 15 gram sample packets are only $1 each, plus Upton offers flat rate shipping for $4.40. And best of all, every little pouch is personalized – when you go into your cart, under the “Gifts” tab there is the option to add names to every one of your purchases (there’s a trick here: if you need multiple packets of the same tea for different recipients, add them one by one to your cart as opposed to using the # drop-down menu – that way you’ll be able to personalize each packet individually).

I’m not sure what their holiday shipping schedule is – they’re right in MA, so I always get their packages a day or two after ordering (not counting weekends). If you’re on the West Coast and want to place an order, you might want to give them a call first. In fact, I wish I had thought of writing this post earlier!
If you want more info, just check out Upton’s website (which admittedly does look a little… um… dated) or their Yelp reviews (and a picture by yours truly).


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