December Glossybox USA: Glamour, Glitz, Gloss

December Glossybox!

Yay, I got my December Glossybox in the mail today!!! It’s always really exciting to get their packages, even though I was not particularly thrilled with last month’s Glossybox, I was kind of hoping that the holiday box would make up for that.

Curious? Read on to find out what I got!

The Glossybox December glossy box

So, I had been reading on Makeuptalk and was a little concerned with some of the things that people were getting  – specifically the heat protecting spray (I try to air-dry my hair as much as possible, so I don’t have much use for something like that) and yet another hair oil (still haven’t finished last month’s sample), as well as the Jewelmint rings and most of all – the Zoya nail polish in Storm. It’s a sparkly black color, which is something I personally would never be able to wear! But since everyone was getting one of those, I was trying to figure out whose stocking stuffer it would become.

Glossybox December: the theme is Glamour, Glitz, Gloss

I was actually really hoping for a special holiday-themed box, and the December Glossybox really did fit that bill! The box itself wasn’t red (last year’s UK holiday box was GORGEOUS!), but they had the cutest holiday-themed tissue and red ribbon.

December Glossybox: so cute!!! LOVE the festive tissue <3.

When I was opening it, I could feel a really strong scent coming from the box – quite frankly my first thought was that something had spilled, so I was a little bit concerned as I was opening it.

Here’s what I got:

December Glossybox contents

As you can see, no spills! It was the Heartland bath salts that were the culprit.

  • the Forest Essentials Madurai Jasmine&Mogra Bath&Shower oil (3.38 oz./100 ml)
  • Heartland Bath Salts in White Tea (5.5 oz./156 g)
  • Pleats Please by Issey Miyake perfume sample (0.03 fl.oz./1 ml)
  • Zoya Ornate in Ziv (full size – 0.5 fl.oz./15 ml)
  • Jewelmint earrings
  • mark. Lipclick in m.powerment petal (full size –  0.106 oz./3 g)
  • Wella Velvet Amplifier in a foil packet (foil packet – 0.05 oz./1.45 g)

I was immediately SUPER excited about the Zoya! I had been wanting a gold polish for ages, and it was actually on my shopping list! Such a relief that I didn’t get Storm – now I’ll be able to keep it for myself instead of gifting (not that I’m greedy, but I’ve never tried Zoya polishes and have really wanted to see what they’d be like).

December Glossybox: mark. lipclick in m.powerment petal

Another thing I was really glad to get was the mark. lipstick. Turns out that the proceeds from this line go towards a charity that supports abused women. A great cause, a great color and a really, really beautiful metallic pink case.

Heartland bath salts and Forest Essentials bath&shower oil in the December Glossybox

The bath and shower oil is also something I’ve been needing for a while – as soon as it gets cold outside and the heating comes on, my skin starts going crazy. Lotions don’t really cut it anymore, so I’ve been wanting to try out a body oil. And this one also smells heavenly – I just adore jasmine!
As for the bath salt, I was really happy to see that the instructions said you could use a handful in the shower to exfoliate. I don’t really take baths, but it looks like together with the bath oil this could really help me deal with my winter skin.

mark. m.powerment petal lipstick, Zoya Ziv and Jewelmint earrings in the December Glossybox

The earrings are a little strange. The “lock” on them is incredibly tight, and they also seem to not hang straight, but turn outwards… But they go with the Zoya Ziv polish so well, so I will most likely wear them at least once.

December Glossybox: the “meh” products

The only two things that were kind of “meh” for me were the Pleats Please perfume sample and the Wella foil packet. I don’t use much perfume nowadays, as I’m very sensitive to scents. Anything less than perfect will make me nauseous for hours on end, so I’ll only use one of my two favorite Hermes fragrances (Kelly Caleche and Les Merveilles) on special occasions. And while I’d love to give the Wella serum a try, I just really, really, really hate foil packets. They are a pain to open, a pain to use and a pain to store if you need to use them more than once. That, and I don’t think a foil packet really belongs in a “Glamour and Glitz” holiday box, but maybe I’m being too picky here.

And don’t get me wrong – with subscription boxes, there will always, and I mean ALWAYS be products that you don’t like. That’s just the way these things work! Overall, I’m super happy with my December Glossybox. I think they’ve totally redeemed themselves after the November Whiplash situation.
And if you want to find out more about Glossybox, just follow this link to their website.

Do you subscribe to Glossybox?  Did you like what you got this month? Let me know in the comments!

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