SPOILER ALERT: January Glossybox Preview

January Glossybox: Curated by the Man Repeller

January Glossybox: Curated by the Man Repeller

Okay, I have to admit: on the one hand, I really like how most of the time Glossybox doesn’t give out any spoilers and the contents are a surprise till the very last minute. On the other hand, I am weak! So when I saw on MUT that a spoiler had been posted, it took all of 30 seconds of inner struggle for the curiosity to take over. And I have to say, I am now SUPER excited about January’s box! So if you already have a subscription, read on only if you’re okay with ruining the surprise.

Glossybox + Man Repeller

First of all, I have to say that I had never heard of the Man Repeller blog before, and was pretty skeptical when I first learned that the author was going to curate January’s box. I mean, I don’t want to repel men! Or women. Or even animals (with the notable exception of bugs). Even though the name is obviously tongue-in-cheek, I typically try to avoid as much negativity as I possibly can. However, that wasn’t a huge deal, and I just decided to keep my expectations for January pretty low. But after reading the spoiler I have to admit that it looks like my suspicions were wrong and I am SO happy to be getting this box!

People magazine posted a short preview of what we’re going to get in our January Glossybox, and here’s what will be in there:

The way Glossybox works – you pay $21 a month (a little less with 3-6-12 month subscriptions, but I wouldn’t really recommend going with one of those just yet – they can’t be cancelled, and unfortunately Glossybox is known for having some serious customer service issues. Hopefully that will change for the better soon! But in the meantime I prefer the flexibility of the monthly plan and knowing I can quit whenever I want) and you receive a box with 4-5 deluxe sample sized items. Every now and then you get something full size, but primarily samples. So you won’t get everything from the list above, but some combination of the products.

I’ve gotten two boxes so far, and while the November one was kind of meh, I absolutely adored the December box and the upcoming January one looks great as well! For me the experience alone is totally worth the price – after all, it’s so much fun to wait for it every month, searching for clues all over the internet and then finally coming home to find the pink and black polkadot box waiting on my doorstep. And you get to try some really awesome stuff while you’re at it!

If you’re as excited about the January box as I am, you can subscribe at glossybox.com – they also have all the info on previous boxes to give you a rough idea of what can be expected ahead. And I will certainly be posting a review of the products as soon as I receive my box.

UPDATE: Pictures and more info from the curator herself:


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