January Glossybox USA: Man Repeller Collaboration

January Glossybox USA: Man Repeller Note Included!

January Glossybox USA: Man Repeller Note Included!

So today I finally got my January Glossybox. It’s technically already February, so they certainly did take their time with the shipping, but I just can’t be mad at them this time: for some reason they sent me not one, but two Man Repeller Glossyboxes! This came as quite a surprise, but you definitely won’t find me complaining – I couldn’t have wished for a better month to get a duplicate.

I had written a little bit about the context in the January Glossybox Preview post, so let’s see how the real thing compares to what we were promised!

Glossybox USA January: The Man Repeller Collaboration

Glossybox USA January: The Man Repeller Collaboration

I managed to get two identical boxes, and here is what was in them:

As you can see, everything that was mentioned in the preview, and even a little more! I am super excited to have not one, but two of these boxes, so here’s a little bit about the contents.

January Man Repeller Glossybox: Tarte Glamazon in Fierce

January Man Repeller Glossybox: Tarte Glamazon in Fierce (pictures courtesy of tartecosmetics.com)

The Tarte Glamazon lipstick is in the color Fierce – I haven’t opened it and am using pictures from Tarte’s website because I plan on swapping for something else. I just can’t pull off bright red lipsticks, unfortunately (and I’ve certainly tried), so I would rather pass it on to somebody who will get more use out of this shade. The other options were Vincent Longo lip stains and a Tarte cheek stain in Achiote, all full size (when you think about it, that one product costs more than the $21 Glossybox subscription! Not a bad deal as far as I’m concerned).

OPI Can't Let Go Liquid Sand

January Glossybox: OPI Can’t Let Go Liquid Sand

One of my favorite things in January’s Glossybox has to be the OPI polish. As I had hoped, we got a shade from one of the Spring 2013 collections, specifically the Mariah Carey Collection. It’s a “liquid sand” textured purple polish with glitter that (judging by the swatches) looks amazing both without a topcoat and with one. Now, purple textured polish is completely out of my makeup comfort zone (you can read more about my struggles with choosing three Zoya polishes right here), but this is exactly why I love services such as Glossybox: you get to try out stuff you never would have dreamed of buying otherwise! There is some risk that goes with that, but it’s all part of the fun.
This month everyone got the same shade of OPI polish (in December’s box there was a variation between three Zoya colors), and I can’t wait to try it out!

January Man Repeller Glossybox: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara

Another thing I always love is mascara samples. This one is a good size (about 1/3 of the full amount), and will definitely last a while. I’ve already tried it on, and while I can’t say that it did much for me in the way of volume with one coat, but did an amazing job of separating and lengthening my lashes. Everyone once again got the same color – Extreme Black.

January Man Repeller Glossybox: Other Goodies!

As for the other stuff, I am super excited to revisit the Potion 9, which by the way is a huge sample (50 ml). It was one of the first high-end hair products that I bought many, many years ago and I remember absolutely loving it. The scent alone brings back so many great memories – I can actually remember the exact day and hair salon where I bought my first metallic tube of Potion 9! This month it was either the Potion 9 or Living Proof Prime Style Extender, which I would also love to try.

Speaking of scents bringing back memories, the Narciso Rodriguez fragrance was a favorite of an ex-boyfriend’s mother, haha. So that scent also brought back a lot. Good thing that we parted as friends! But even though I always had a great relationship with his mom, I don’t think I will be using this sample at all – just a little bit too weird for my taste. This was the only perfume sample in all the boxes, so no variation here.

There are also two skincare samples: a Metier de Beaute foil packet and a tiny Fresh mattifying serum. The Le Métier de Beauté Replenishing Daily Solution is insanely expensive ($225 for 1.7 oz!), and this yet again is why I love Glossybox. When else would I possibly get to try something as luxurious as a $200 facial cream?..

So to sum it up, the January Glossybox/Man Repeller collaboration gets a D for customer service, but a well-deserved A for contents. As far as I’m concerned, if Glossybox were only to fix their CS issues and start communicating with their customers like a company that cares, they would grow to be a true leader of the subscription box market with a dedicated and passionate following. I will definitely be sticking around for next month, but I still do not recommend signing up for anything other than a month-by-month subscription that you can cancel at any time. Hopefully, they are on the right track!

Glossybox is a luxury beauty product monthly subscription box. The cost is $21/month and if you want to get one of these amazing boxes, you can sign up by following this link.


8 thoughts on “January Glossybox USA: Man Repeller Collaboration

  1. allthingstashia says:

    I haven’t received my Glossybox for January yet, but I am super hopeful that mine will be as nice as yours seems to be. I just hope my box gets here soon. I’m dying to get it and it’s been a really long wait this go round.


    • Cranraspberry says:

      I know, this month (or was it “last month”) they really seemed to be in over their heads… Do you have a tracking number for your box? Mine was scheduled to arrive next week, so I really wasn’t expecting it on Friday. Hope yours gets there “early” too!


      • allthingstashia says:

        Glossybox is totally over their heads. They didn’t use the cutoff deadline they normally have for box and didn’t have the manpower to make it work. Now they have a bunch of disgruntled customers. Have you seen some of the crazy tweets and facebook rants about this? People are mad and Glossybox need to have a better handle on their customer service. I love Glossybox, but I am not afraid to drop them and move on to something new like Seaonsbox or Ipsy.


    • Cranraspberry says:

      (WordPress won’t let me “reply” to your last comment – huh?.. So answering here, sorry!)

      I know – their CS is absolutely unacceptable for a company that big, and especially for one offering a luxury service! I keep hoping that they will fix those issues, although admittedly I’ve had some good luck with their CS – they sent me out replacement items quickly and without any extra hassle. But that’s why I recommend sticking with the monthly subscription – if it gets really bad, you won’t find yourself stuck for 3/6/12 months!


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