My First Graze Box

As I’ve already mentioned, this month I decided to skip Glossybox based on some spoilers that came up – and what a good decision that was! I’ve seen pictures of the February box on makeuptalk (for example, this and this) and it seems like a huge disappointment, especially after the last couple of awesome months. I’ll see about March, but in the meantime I’ve happily subscribed to two foodie boxes: and Graze.

Graze Box: A New Invite-Only Food Subscription From Great Britain

Graze Box: A New Invite-Only Food Subscription From Great Britain

I was super excited about the Graze box, so I will review it first.
Graze is invite-only, and if you sign up using code 9MR2CY4 you will get your first box absolutely free! (This code is only good for one invite, so you might want to use it asap  Looks like the code has been used! If Graze lets us give out any more invites, I will certainly post them here.)

So, a little bit about Graze. They are a UK food subscription box that offers healthy snacks based on a proprietary algorithm (!) that calculates your preferences based on your ratings (all of their snacks can be rated even before you get your first box – and the ratings are: Trash, Try, Like, Love; you can also set your account to send you “more likes and loves” or a combination of likes, loves and tries): you can read more about the technical part in this article.

“It’s possible to get 4.9 million different combinations of snacks in a Graze box,” says Jones. So the 250-person company uses data — including over 50 million snack ratings — to personalise each customer’s snack selection. “If you bin all the things unsuitable for vegans, we’ll learn that,” explains cofounder Edd Read, 26, the AI specialist who developed Darwin. “Then, if we launch a product that’s unsuitable for vegans, Darwin knows not to send it to you.” Read the full article

My First Graze Box: 4 Delicious Snacks

My First Graze Box: 4 Delicious Snacks

The box itself is $5  w/free shipping (you can sign up for it to be sent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, and you can “push back” the delivery in your account – I love it when subscriptions make it easy for you to do that!) and the craziest thing is that the snacks come straight from the UK! Pretty amazing, considering the cost. You get 4 individually packaged snacks per box, and there’s also the option of ordering a “LightBox” with lower-calorie snacks.

I right away went through the treats and trashed quite a lot – I got rid of the stuff I knew I wouldn’t like, and also trashed a lot of the more “regular” products (I don’t really need black pepper pistachios to be shipped all the way from the UK when I can buy them here). Every week Graze shows what you will be getting in your box, and here is my first one:

Graze Contents

Graze Contents

The box they come in is really adorable! It’s a little smaller than 8×10, and Graze designed it to fit into a regular mailbox.

The treats are 1-1.7 oz., and are packaged in recyclable plastic boxes, approximately the size of a deck of cards – super convenient to bring to work or school.

Graze Serving Size

Graze Serving Size

I’ve tried 2 of my treats so far – Florentine and Pina Colada, and both have been delicious! The texture of the dried mangoes and pineapple is a little bit unusual – it’s chewier and drier than what you would normally get, due to them being unsulfured (yay!), and the flavor combinations are absolutely amazing.

This subscription is just so much fun. I do have to say that I switched to the bi-weekly plan ($5/week tends to add up), and for me that is definitely a great deal for something as new, tasty and exciting as Graze.


2 thoughts on “My First Graze Box

    • Cranraspberry says:

      Thank you Hermine!
      Sorry about the code – looks like someone has used it already. And at this time they only allow one invitation per account. 😦 Good luck though, I’m sure you will find a code somewhere out there!


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