Vitacost vs iHerb – Comparing Prices (and $10 off your first order)

My original Vitacost vs iHerb post is definitely the most popular page on my blog, and I’m incredibly happy that people are finding it useful even though it was put together quite a while ago! I’ve since placed many orders on both sites, and am planning to put together an updated overview (things have definitely changed quite a bit), but in the meantime I thought I’d put together a very quick price comparison of the two. Basically what I did was fill my cart with the exact same items that I was planning to buy, and take a screen shot of the resulting cart and total price.

I will also once again share my iHerb discount code (VMC661) that will save you $5-10 off of your first order, and a Vitacost link (or if that doesn’t work) that will give you $10 off of your first order of $30 or more.

The products in both carts are actual things that I buy, so I wasn’t picking and choosing based on the price difference or to prove a point. However, the results were pretty amazing – while I always knew that Vitacost was less expensive, it was pretty impressive to see just how much lower their prices are!

iHerb vs Vitacost

My iHerb cart: $92.67 total, including a 5% discount for orders over $60

iHerb vs Vitacost

My Vitacost cart: $73.55 total!

So as you can see, the iHerb order came to $92.67, while the Vitacost order was just $73.55 – that’s almost a $20 price difference, $19.12 to be exact! Both orders would be eligible for free shipping, however only the Vitacost one would get you an extra 4% cash back through ebates (sign up here if you don’t already have an account and get a $10 gift card).

Overall, even though I still order certain things on iHerb, Vitacost gets most of my business due to their lower prices. Stay tuned for more info!

Just a small reminder – you can follow this link (or copy and paste if that doesn’t work) to get $10 off of your first Vitacost order of $30, and you can use code VMC661 for $5-10 off of your first iHerb order of $25+. Enjoy!!!


3 thoughts on “Vitacost vs iHerb – Comparing Prices (and $10 off your first order)

  1. rosie says:

    Good review. Another thing to note is the difference in international shipping. At the moment, iHerb has a huge advantage – much faster and less expensive than Vitacost. If Vitacost improved in this area, they’d get a LOT more international business.


    • Cranraspberry says:

      Thank you so much for the feedback, Rosie! You are absolutely right, Vitacost is definitely targeting mostly the US domestic market, while iHerb has been servicing the whole world for years now – their international shipping rates are lower than some online stores charge for shipping within the US!


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