Persil ProClean laundry detergent now available at Walmart!

Persil ProClean at Walmart

After years of having had to purchase
German made Persil
through Miele dealerships and online at a huge premium, an American version called Persil ProClean has finally come to Walmart!

Okay, I am just beyond excited – if you’ve read my Tide vs Persil post you already know that I am a huge fan of German-made Henkel Persil detergents. The major downside has always been the price and not being able to purchase them locally. Well, just a couple of days ago Henkel USA announced that they will be launching Persil ProClean – a formula identical to the German versions but available at Walmart for less than $10!!! I spent the whole weekend driving around, but none of my four local Walmarts had them in stock. Nonetheless, I will not give up and will post a thorough review as soon as I can get my hands on it!

Looks like there will be liquids, packs and powders available, however I’m not sure exactly when all of these will start hitting the Walmart shelves. They are currently not yet showing up on the website, but there was an add in this week’s circulator, so it should be there pretty soon. In the meantime, you can check out the Persil ProClean website,  facebook page and their Youtube channel!

Update: I had a chance to try out the ProClean line and you can read about my experience in this post (lots of pictures!).


6 thoughts on “Persil ProClean laundry detergent now available at Walmart!

  1. cheryl ickes says:

    I found it at my walmart in pa. They had the liquid, pearls, aan paks, I bought a few of each. I have wanted to get my hands on this for a long time I’m so pleased. For the first several days there was a display set up at the end of the laundry isle..yesterday they shoved the tide over made room and gave the persil its new home, right next to P&G’s Tide.


    • Cranraspberry says:

      Oh congrats, how awesome that you were able to find all three types! I thought the packs would be arriving later than the liquid and pearls. Did you have a chance to try it out yet? I REALLY hope that it cleans as well as my favorite German Persil without the crazy P&G scents of recent…


  2. Marcia anderson says:

    Longtime tide girl. Tried Persil with a coupon. I’m so impressed. Stains that have been there for weeks are now gone. I’ve told all my friends. Will not be returning to tide. Just try it.


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