Choosing a Caldrea Laundry Detergent Scent

Caldrea Laundry Detergent Scent


Caldrea, the sister company to Mrs. Meyers, are known for their skincare and household lines with unique fragrances. I had heard good things about their laundry detergent, but with the main Caldrea line not being available anywhere locally it was really hard to make a decision on which scent to get. Based on the description alone they all sounded pretty good!

So I reached out to Caldrea customer service and they were kind enough to send me some samples of their hand soap in a variety of fragrances. Check out my post at Olga’s Laundry Blog to read more about the scents they offer.

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5 thoughts on “Choosing a Caldrea Laundry Detergent Scent

  1. Brandi Young says:

    You said no sample of Sea Salt Neroli, but have you tried that scent in another product? I ordered the linen spray and was not a huge fan. I thought it was alright, just not enough of the neroli scent. I end up spraying that and another floral or linen scent to achieve the desired effect. p.s. I am happy Target sells some of the product line!


    • Cranraspberry says:

      Thank you Brandi! I have never smelled the Sea Salt Neroli, but the description makes me really want to. Now that you say you’re not too happy with it I might just go with one of the sample scents I liked…
      Our Target only carries the Essentials line, which doesn’t seem to overlap with the regular scents. I had a big refill bottle of the Blackcurrant Mint hand soap and LOVED it – such a great scent! Unfortunately it has been discontinued (I bought the soap on clearance).


  2. Lara says:

    Did you try the Lavender Pine yet? I made the mistake of buying 2 large bottles of the Lavender Pine fabric softener on Amazon. I’m a huge fan of lavender in our laundry and the price felt too good to pass up. I didn’t think I could go wrong. Unfortunately the pine scent is a tad overbearing. My husband said our sheets smelled like Pinesol floor cleaner. Ick. Not the effect I was going for.

    I’ve contacted Caldrea twice asking them for some scent samples so I don’t repeat the mistake but my messages have gone unanswered. I was grateful to find your post! I’m going to order the $10-dryer sheets in Basil Blue Sage and Ginger Pomello at your recommendation to see if we like their scents better. Thank for the great descriptions!


    • Cranraspberry says:

      Hi Lara,

      I have not tried the Lavender Pine – I read in one of the reviews that it was intensely pine-y, and thought that there was a fairly high chance of me not liking it. I’m sorry you’re stuck with something you don’t love!

      How are you contacting Caldrea? Here’s the email I used: customer-service(at) – they responded very quickly. If that’s not working I’d try reaching out to them through social media, like facebook or twitter, because scent is such a personal thing that you want to make sure you’ll like something before you buy.

      Good luck and please write back to let me know what you ended up choosing!


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