Laundry Detergent Shopping in Europe

The detergent aisle of Mueller in Zagreb

The detergent aisle of Mueller in Zagreb – such splendor!

Am I the only person who actually gets excited about laundry shopping on vacation? When we went on our honeymoon in Japan I spent quite a bit of time reading about Japanese laundry detergents. And of course I brought back several packs of detergents to try at home. And when we recently went to visit my beloved Croatia I had so. much. fun. shopping for European detergents there!

Head over to Olga’s Laundry Blog to read about laundry detergent shopping in Europe.

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3 thoughts on “Laundry Detergent Shopping in Europe

  1. Jacobitess says:

    Sorry, not one of those detergents in the picture (I’ve tried them all) compares with arm & hammer or Tide. It makes me weep when my family and I go back to the States and see how much more beautiful all our clothes are over there.


    • Cranraspberry says:

      I have the exact opposite experience – Tide won’t even touch the kinds of stains that Euro detergents take out with zero pretreating. Could be that you need to adjust to the difference in water – I know many parts of Europe have extremely hard water vs water generally being softer in the US.


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