Vitacost vs iHerb Updated Review Posted on

vitacost-vs-iherb1There has been so much traffic to my original Vitacost vs iHerb post from way back in 2013 – it is one of the most popular posts on this blog of all time! But three years is an eternity when it comes to the internet, so I have published an updated 2016 version on Olga’s Laundry Blog. In the updated review I compare the two retailers and determine who is the 2016 winner and overall best online vendor of natural products and supplements.

Come check it out – you will also find out how to save $5-10 off your first order!

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2 thoughts on “Vitacost vs iHerb Updated Review Posted on

  1. Guido Sartucci says:

    I have a life threatening genetic disorder, Mainstream medicine was killing me, as they are most of you!I turned to the world of Natural Medicine and self educated myself. That was 21 yrs ago. I must give credit to the Life Extension Foundation as that is where I began in 1995. My opinion is their products are absolutely the best! As the years passed the need for more and more supplements became very costly due to increasing need and volume.I had to find a way to cut cost. In 2000 I began shopping around and found many inferior grade products at low prices on many different websites. If you don’t buy USP and GMP products you’re waisting your money and they just don’t work! GNC is really bad! Then I came across I-Herb. Probably the most outstanding company on the internet! My orders over the years reached as much as $1000.00 per month, month over month depending on what I was treating. Yesterdays order was $405.00 and that’s typical every month. I have been a loyal, dedicated customer for 16 yrs. I have no reason to shop anywhere else! They offer quantity,quality,price and service. Godspeed!


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