Persil ProClean Now Available in Canada!


One of my Canadian readers, Shalryn, just recently complained that she had searched left and right for Persil ProClean in Canada, only to find out that it was only available in the US. I made sure to add a note about that in my blog post so that wouldn’t happen to anyone else. Well guess what, that has just changed!

Persil ProClean is now available in Canada, and their lineup even features an exclusive Persil Coldwater formula that is not currently sold in the US.

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One thought on “Persil ProClean Now Available in Canada!

  1. purpurealcosplay says:

    I would like to let Canadians know they can also buy Persil from Canadian stores, not just WM. No-Frills, Metro are two stores I’ve seen carry it recently and it’s on sale at Metro this week. The price is the same or better than WM. You can also get the German powders for a decent price in the GTA at Coppa’s/Highland Farms stores.

    I had a lousy experience trying to get Persil from WM I’d like to share. We tried to order about $60 of the new detergents from the Walmart Canada’s website, so I would not have to lug home all that heavy soap nor deal with the hassle of WM shopping in person. Our order never came and I had a nightmare dealing with their “customer service” to get a refund.
    I figure some worker was like ” oh hey, Persil! This is great stuff! I’ll just take it home”. Seriously though… Two weeks and six phone calls after the order was supposed to arrive I was still getting told “we are waiting for the courier to answer our email request to check on your delivery status”. I even called the courier myself, who said WM hadn’t sent anything and confirmed for me via tracking they lost the order! Eventually I did get my refund but I’m done with Walmart because they clearly do not take detergent as seriously as I do.


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