My Manicure Routine

Manicure Results: Healthy, happy looking nails

The holiday season has been pretty crazy for me, and with all the presents, celebrations and work stuff I’ve been having a bit of a struggle finding some “personal time” – an hour or so when you can relax and fully focus on doing something nice for yourself. So when I was finally able to fit that personal time into my schedule, it felt SO good that I decided to share! Maybe it will inspire some of you lovelies to indulge in some pampering. You definitely deserve it! ♥

One of my favorite “me time” things has to be giving myself a manicure, and I certainly needed one this time. The last time I had touched my nails was back in 2012, when I had taken off my Zoya Ziv polish. After that I hardly even used any cuticle oil, so my nails were not in the greatest shape.

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