Vitacost vs iHerb Updated Review Posted on

vitacost-vs-iherb1There has been so much traffic to my original Vitacost vs iHerb post from way back in 2013 – it is one of the most popular posts on this blog of all time! But three years is an eternity when it comes to the internet, so I have published an updated 2016 version on Olga’s Laundry Blog. In the updated review I compare the two retailers and determine who is the 2016 winner and overall best online vendor of natural products and supplements.

Come check it out – you will also find out how to save $5-10 off your first order!

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Epic Miele Washer Review Just Posted on

miele_logo_1I have owned my Miele W3038 washer for about 18 months now, and at a rate of 7-10 loads of laundry per week I can definitely say that I’ve put it through some rigorous testing. I summarized all my experiences in a lengthy review that just went live on Olga’s Laundry Blog – click here to check it out!

If you’re thinking of buying the Miele W3038, if you are generally researching compact front loaders, or if you are a laundry nerd like me you should find it interesting. And when I say “epic”, I really do mean it – the review got so long that I ended up needing to add a table of contents!
Head on over to Olga’s Laundry Blog for all the details.

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Rare Discount on Amazon Prime: $73/year


Only for new customers (so I can’t take advantage, boo!), and only through Sunday, January 17th Amazon Prime is available for $73/year instead of the regular $99 price. That’s $26 less than what I’m used to paying! Click here to access the offer.

If you were thinking about giving Prime a try, now is a fantastic time to do it. Discounts are very rare, and I personally can’t live without my Prime subscription. If you’re on the fence, you can also sign up for a free 30 day trial, but then you’ll miss out on the special pricing.

On top of the fantastic 2 day shipping that Prime offers you’ll also get:

  • Access to music, movies and TV shows
  • Kindle Library – one free book rental a month for your Kindle device
  • 20% off diaper subscriptions through Amazon Family
  • And much more!

How to Wash a Down Jacket

How to wash a down jacket

A lot of people don’t realize that most down garments do not require dry cleaning and can be washed at home in a regular washer. In fact, if I could get a quarter every time somebody tells me how brave I am to be wearing a white down jacket, I’d be pretty rich by now! They are usually shocked to find out that the jacket in the photo above is actually over 3 years old, and has managed to stay white with just 1-2 washes per season.

If you’ve never washed down and are not sure how exactly to do that without damaging the garment, head on over to Olga’s Laundry Blog to read my post on how to wash a down jacket.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Laundry Lovers!

Gift ideas for laundry lovers

This is what happens when you start Christmas shopping early!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m very much in the holiday mood already. In fact, every year I start shopping for gifts at some point around October, which means that by the time Christmas comes around I already have a nice big pile of gifts waiting to be wrapped. Best of all – no last minute stress shopping with the crowds!

Since I’m thinking about gifts a lot, and since laundry is always on my mind I figured that it would be a good idea to put together a list of holiday laundry-themed gift ideas. If you have a laundry lover on your list, look no further than Olga’s Laundry Blog! Click here to go to the full list.

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Laundry Detergent Shopping in Europe

The detergent aisle of Mueller in Zagreb

The detergent aisle of Mueller in Zagreb – such splendor!

Am I the only person who actually gets excited about laundry shopping on vacation? When we went on our honeymoon in Japan I spent quite a bit of time reading about Japanese laundry detergents. And of course I brought back several packs of detergents to try at home. And when we recently went to visit my beloved Croatia I had so. much. fun. shopping for European detergents there!

Head over to Olga’s Laundry Blog to read about laundry detergent shopping in Europe.

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How To Get Rid of Smells in Exercise Clothes

Exercise clothes washing

Our exercise clothes drawer

Nobody wants to be the smelly person at the gym. Body odors in our modern-day culture are considered embarrassing and can make pretty much anyone self conscious. So when some of my moisture wicking exercise gear started developing a bad smell even after laundering I of course started thinking that it was somehow my fault!

But fear not, those odors on the one hand are a common issue with those hi-tech fabrics (so it wasn’t me!!), on the other hand they are not permanent and you can find ways to remove existing smells and keep new ones from appearing.

Head on over to Olga’s Laundry Blog to read the full post on keeping your exercise gear stink-free.

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Perwoll Black Laundry Detergent Review Posted on

Did you know that not all Perwoll detergents are safe to use on wool? And have you ever heard of Perwoll Renew Black Effect – a mild, enzyme containing laundry detergent from Germany that’s supposed to keep your blacks looking good longer?

If you’re interested in reading about my experience with Perwoll, head on over to Olga’s Laundry Blog and check out this post.

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Exciting news – my blog is about to move!

I started this blog in December of 2012 to have a space where I could share my thoughts on a brand new world of beauty and healthy living. As somebody who spends way too much time researching every purchase I make, it felt really good to have an outlet for all of that and to feel like I’m helping others by sharing my knowledge and experience. Over the years the subjects I write about have evolved, and I haven’t always been consistent with blogging, but in spite of all that trial and error I always came back to post about my most recent findings.

2015 has been huge for me so far. Not only have I started to finally figure out my favorite blogging topic (laundry!), but the number of people visiting my site and reaching out via comments and emails is higher than ever. I’ve decided that it’s finally time to move to a self hosted blog!

I’m incredibly excited about the process. The new blog will have all of the old archives available, but all future materials will be easier to navigate and better organized. I will still write about most of the things I normally share, however the main focus will be laundry and healthy living.

Thank you so much for being with me through the years and I really hope that I will continue to see the same people at!

Cheer Powder Laundry Detergent now HE Compatible!

Cheer Powder Laundry Detergent for HE Machines

Cheer has always been known as a highly effective powder detergent for colors – it lacks the OBAs that are present in most detergents sold in the US which can make saturated colors fade. And now it’s finally HE compatible!!



Cheer powder is one of the few laundry detergents widely available in the US that does not contain optical brighteners (OBAs) and is therefore truly safe for colors. Read on to find out why this is important and why you should avoid OBAs for your colored loads.

For the longest time Cheer was only available in a non-HE friendly version. Some people still used it in their HE front loaders with good results, but I personally did not want to take that risk. Well now Cheer powder is finally HE compatible! Head on over to Olga’s Laundry Blog to read the full post about HE friendly Cheer powder.

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