Yogi Surprise February 2017 Review

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I haven’t written about subscription boxes in quite some time, but had to get back to doing that after subscribing to Yogi Surprise. I absolutely LOVE Yogi Surprise! I’ve been subscribing for 4 months at this point, and have loved every single box I’ve gotten from them. To clarify, Yogi Surprise is technically a “lifestyle box” that focuses on eco-friendly products with yoga as an overarching theme, not a monthly dose of yoga props.

This is a monthly subscription, and the cost is $44.95 with free shipping, however right now you can either use code LOVEYOURSELF25 to get 25% off your first box (which comes to $33.71) and then 10% off for life OR use code YOGIFRIEND to get 20% off for life (this is what I do – it brings the cost per box down to $35.96).

Each month does come with a theme and asana sequence card, and the February 2017 Yogi Surprise theme was “Let Love In”, which I thought was great for February. Not only is love in the air due to Valentine’s Day coming up, but this last winter month is a great time to finally get back to being grounded after a tumultuous holiday season and show yourself some love.


Yogi Surprise advertise an average retail value of $70, and I personally love the way these boxes are curated. Here’s what I received in the February 2017 Yogi Surprise box:


  • Jasmine Seven Yoga Mat Wipes (MSRP $3.95) – this is a travel pack of 10 wipes. The wipes are a little on the thin side, but then again I have a super grippy Jade mat that wipes never really work with. I think I’ll use these as emergency hand/body wipes – they have tea tree oil in the ingredients, which is great for disinfecting.
  • Cuccio Somatology Calming Yoga Elixir (MSRP $8.95) – a lavender/cardamom spray that is advertised as a soothing room spray or towel spray for a “spa experience”. I love getting room sprays in my Yogi Surprise box – it is not something I would typically purchase myself, but it’s great to get as a treat. This one smells quite lovely, and I like to spray it a couple of times over the pillows before bedtime.
  • Bearded Brothers Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla energy bar (MSRP $3.19) – I haven’t tried this yet, but loved that it was high in protein and did not list any added sugar. It’s made out of organic dates, organic almonds, rice protein, organic dried blueberries, organic chia seeds and sea salt and contains 241 calories and 8 grams of protein. I’ve already thrown this in my yoga bag to have as a post-workout snack!
  • Booda Butter Suds of Love All-In-One Soap (MSRP $6.95) – this is an unscented soap made with organic olive, coconut and shea oils that according to the manufacturer can be used as a soap, shaving foam and even shampoo. We don’t actually use bar soap in our household, so this is going to be a great gift for a friend of mine who has sensitive dry skin.
  • Balanced Guru Nourished Organic Scalp Treatment (MSRP $23) – there was a variety of Balanced Guru hair products in the February 2017 Yogi Surprise box, and I was thrilled to get the Nourished treatment! It’s a strengthening and soothing non-greasy tonic that comes with a dropper. You drop in on your scalp after a shower, massage in and it calms the skin and strengthens your hair. My scalp has a hard time in the winter, so this was a perfect fit for my needs. And I loved that this was not oily at all and does not weigh down my fine hair!
  • Valentina’s Naturals Balancing Beauty Mist toner (MSRP $22) – this is an apple cider vinegar-based toner which is meant for oily/combination skin, and it comes in a generous 4 oz spray bottle. I have dry/sensitive skin, but decided to give it a try nonetheless – ACV is a magic ingredient, and there are additional ingredients such as glycerin and aloe vera that made me think it wouldn’t be too drying. So far so good, but if I find that it’s starting to dry me out I will just use it as a back/chest spray. It does smell of ACV, although not as strongly as I thought!
  • The box also contained discount codes for 25% off your Cuccio purchase and 20% off your Booda Butter purchase.

So overall the total value of this box came to a little over $68. I just love the curation and for me the value is absolutely there – I used code YOGIFRIEND when I signed up to receive 20% off my subscription for life, which brought my monthly cost down to $35, so all of these product were at about a 50% discount. But honestly, with this box for me personally it’s less about monetary value – I just love the items I get every month!

The March 2017 Yogi Surprise box spoilers are out already, and if you subscribe now you will receive a Soul Flower Boho Headband (MSRP $16), Jivana Body Butter (MSRP $21) and four more full sized items!

The cost of a Yogi Surprise subscription is $44.95 with free shipping in the US, however right now you can either use code LOVEYOURSELF25 to get 25% off your first box (which comes to $33.71) and then 10% off for life OR use code YOGIFRIEND to get 20% off for life (this is what I do – it brings the cost per box down to $35.96).

Also, for a limited time your first box will include these awesome chakra healing stones from Energy Muse (MSRP $19.99)! Click here to sign up for Yogi Surprise if you think this is a subscription for you.


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