How to Clean a Condenser Dryer


I personally have owned condenser dryers my whole life – growing up in Europe clothes dryers in general were difficult to come by, and vented options were pretty much unheard of, so condensers were the only option. Now that I’m in the US I opted for a condenser because we live in a condo with no dedicated laundry room, just a small closet in the bathroom. It’s really a great option for those who, like us, don’t have the space but want to be able to do laundry.

At the same time condenser dryers need maintenance that differs from what you would be doing with a vented dryer. I put together a step-by-step photo tutorial over on Olga’s Laundry Blog for anyone who wants to know how exactly how to access and wash the condenser part, and how frequently this needs to be done.

Continue reading on Olga’s Laundry Blog →

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